Welcome to Bradford Oaks new residents! We are so excited that you have decided to stay with us Bradford Oaks for the Fall 2017 until Summer 2018 semesters! We hope you had a fun filled summer, and we wish you the best for this upcoming Fall school semester. Just a quick reminder for some things to keep in mind prior to moving in to Bradford Oaks to help make your stay a great one!

1. Move in day is August 19th.

2. Utilities must be set up with the City of Tallahassee Utilities prior to moving in. (www.talgov.com)

3. Contact your roommates and create an open line of communication. This will help ensure your furniture won’t be a duplicate and to make sure you guys are all on the same page about cable/internet.

4. August rent must be paid prior to moving in.

5. Rent is posted on the 1st of every month and due on the 3rd. (Rent is Late on the 4th)

6. Be respectful and considerate of your roommates throughout the year. If any issues arise please try and talk it out prior to contacting the office. We aren’t guidance counselors but we will do our best to alleviate the situation if it reaches that point!

We also want to give a warm welcome back to our returning residents. We will continue to give you the very best living experience and strive to continually enhance the reputation of our community as an excellent place to live. We have a lot of resident events planned for the semester, so make sure you follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to stay updated with valuable information regarding upcoming events. Let's make this year one to remember!