1) Gather all your belongings and separate them from your roommates in a timely and organized fashion.
- You do not want to lose items as you move across town or next door just to oversight so make sure you take time to separate everything that belongs to you from what belongs to your roommates. Start this early to help any disputes on who owns what.

- Cannot stress this enough. Make sure you have a plan on moving all your belongings whether it be a rental truck, friend’s vehicle or your vehicle. If you need a temporary storage unit begin looking as soon as possible. These go quickly in Tallahassee!

3) Clean so you get your full security deposit.
- Do a final deep clean before everyone moves out to ensure you guys get the full amount of the deposit you paid back. No one likes to lose money and this is one of the easiest ways to save yourself some of your hard-earned money. Some people even pay a cleaning team, but that isn’t always necessary.

4) Look for deals!
- If you have the extra funds or are looking to add something to your bedroom or communal area, now is the time to get the best deals. With so many people leaving Tallahassee and moving long distances, couches, bedroom sets, TVs, and things of that nature are flooded into the market at fantastic prices. Check craigslist or keep your eyes out for yard sales to snag you some deals!

5) Contact your future roommates and Landlord
- Contact your future roommates to see what they have planned and if you can possible utilize each other to make an easier transition whether it be sharing moving trucks, storage units, or comparing items to make sure your house is fully furnished. This can also benefit steps 1-4 if you are moving with your current roommates somewhere else!

If you stay on top of these 5 tips you will have no issue having a successful and fulfilling move!